March 20, 2013

We work closely with our clients and dedicate the required time it takes to complete the job to its entirety. We want your referral business and therefore pride ourselves in providing the best craftsmanship for the price in the industry. Depending on the job at hand, labor and time requirements, we can arrange a pricing strategy that would suit you. If you cannot or do not have the time to assemble the furniture, our professional team will do it for you. Assembly service costs $35/hour/person. Our team will put together everything properly, we bring all tools and clean up!

Not every job is the same. Always contact us for a quote. Required are full product details including store of purchase, product name and a brief description to assist us in identifying the item.

Assembly & Installation Price Estimates:

BED FRAME  ____________________________________$ 45 +

DRESSER/CHEST of DRAWERS (based on configuration) _____ $ 25 +

WARDROBE (based on configuration)  ___________________$ 30 +

BOOKCASE _____________________________________ $ 35 +

SOFA (based on configuration) ________________________ $ 45 +

DESK (based on configuration _________________________$ 40 +

Picture/Mirror Hanging:

*Prices vary depending on the work required; the types of fittings to be used, wall thickness and type, size of the mirror/picture. Please Inquire within for more details.

Flat Panel TV Installation:

*Same as picture/mirror hanging; please provide more information about the type of work that is required in order for us to give you a precise estimate.